Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wide Angles - Smile More LP

Wide Angles - Smile More LP by Tim PopKid
Wide Angles - Smile More LP, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Dead Broke / Dirtcult (2012)

Another great record entering the collection at the very end of the year. My top albums of the year list is in complete disarray, but I would like to post it on Friday, so I have some real in depth re-listening to do in the next few days. Wide Angles is very guilty in making me question my list with Smile More.

At first, a lot of people may be quick to dismiss this as your standard No Idea-esque gruff vocal-palooza, but this record is so much more than that. Sure, the vocals are gruff and melodic, but the guitar work and song construction on this record really shine. There's something about the record that sets Wide Angles apart from the pack.

 From start to finish, Smile More is packed full of interesting riffs and bridges. If pressed to make a comparison, they actually remind me a bit of Dead Mechanical, which is a huge compliment from me as I love that band. Definitely one of the better punk rock leaning records of the year (though I can't say I'm a particularly big fan of the artwork).

Wide Angles - Smile More:

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