Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Legendary Wings - Making Paper Roses - Gold Vinyl (/200)

Dirtnap (2012)

A late entry into the album of the year contest to be sure, but Making Paper Roses is so good it commands your attention from the moment the needle hits the vinyl. Legendary Wings are playing a scruffy version of the sort of pop punk/vaguely garage mix that Dirtnap just never lets you down with. They play tight and the songs are instantly lodged into your head.

I can see some having an issue with the recording fidelity of this album, though for me I prefer an album that's a little rough around the edges. My one complaint is that peppered throughout the album are little snippets of what I assume is movie or TV show dialog in between many of the songs. I don't mind that every once in a while, but it happens like 8 or 9 times throughout the record and really does a number on the cohesiveness of the album as a whole.

Still that is a minor gripe and the individual songs are so good, that I'll more than manage. Definitely a great record and it's knocking on the door of my top ten of the year despite only having listened to it for a few weeks.

Legendary Wings - Making Paper Roses:

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