Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snuff - In The Stocks 7" - Black Vinyl & Yellow Vinyl

Fat Wreck (2012)

A follow-up to yesterday's post about the new Snuff album. Though Fat Wreck won't be releasing their version on 5-4-3-2-1-Perhaps? until January, they have released a 7" of the first song on the album In The Stocks. I mentioned yesterday, but this is such a great, great song. If you are on the fence about grabbing the full album, buy this 7", play it and then try to convince yourself you aren't listening to greatness. I dare you.

The B-Side is an acoustic version of one of my very favorite songs from the Snuff album Demmamussabebonk, "Sunny Places." Duncan has been doing a lot of acoustic versions lately and I think they're fantastic. We'll talk a bit more about that tomorrow, but for today, just join me in hoping that we'll get an acoustic version of Dow Dow Boof Boof at some point.

Snuff - Sunny Places (Acoustic):

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