Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Treasure Fleet - Future Ways LP - White Vinyl (/300)

Recess (2012)

I have been simply deluged with new records the last couple of weeks. Not only are the causing havoc with my end of the year list, but I feel like I'm scrambling to write something about each of them before the year is done and I post my list. I'm trying desperately not to rush through them as I want to give these records good listens before making any judgments on them.

This Treasure Fleet record is a pretty unique album. The band is fronted by the guy from The Arrivals and the 2 bands definitely share some common ground, but the Treasure fleet record has a more grand pop sound and at time reminds me of the Muppet Movie soundtrack for some reason. This comparison is not a knock at all. I LOVE the Muppet Movie soundtrack. In particular, Treasure Fleet really manages to make the choruses of their songs stand up. I wouldn't go so far as to say they a "soaring" or anything weird like that, but it's more than your traditional punk rock hook.

The white vinyl is limited to 300 copies and I believe only available ordering direct from Recess. It's a late addition to the end of the year race, but it's an album that's worth making time for in between repeated listens to the Ventures Christmas album, which for sure dominates everyone's playlist this time of the year.

Treasure Fleet - Future Ways:

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