Monday, December 17, 2012

Iron Chic - Split N' Shit 7" - Blue Vinyl (/100)

Dead Broke (2012)

This 7" compiles songs from other European Iron Chic 7"s, so folks in the US can grab the songs without having to import the original ones. Now, I already have the 2 Euro 7"s in question, so I didn't really need this, although the band did toss on a new cover not on any of their other releases. That made it a record I did need, though honestly, anyone reading this website on a frequent basis knows that I would have ended up buying this anyway. Can't have a missing 7" from the collection when I have all of the others. Oh, the new song is a Plow United cover, so that's pretty rad.

Iron Chic - Split N' Shit

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