Friday, December 28, 2012

The Absolute Best Records Of 2012

2012 was quite the year for new music. It seemed as if there was another great record to buy almost every day. In particular, the end of the year was simply slammed with new, outstanding releases. I feel that if I had had a bit more time with a few of these records (most notably Wide Angles and Chomp) the list might be slightly rearranged.

One thing that could never be changed is Mrs. Magician as the number 1 record of the year. In my initial write up about the record I really don't think I gave it the glowing praise that it deserved. Not only was it far and away the absolute best record of 2012; lyrically it is probably one of the best records I've heard in YEARS. I can't possible say enough great things about the band and about this record. If you like anything at all on this list, I urge you to check out Mrs. Magician, because no matter what record you pick, Strange Heaven was better.

Not saying others on this list weren't also fantastic. The Sonic Avenues record just kills and they also put on the best live show I saw this year. Snuff really returned to top form and the Gentleman Jesse and Bob Mould records were just ridiculously good. Even way down the list in the 20's are records that in other years would probably be ranked even higher. If 2013 is anywhere near as good as this past year, I'm going to have an awful lot of great records to take pictures of.

Lastly, thanks to everyone that has visited this website, sent me an email or a tweet. When I started this little site up last year, I never imagined the amount of people that would visit, so again thank you and happy new year!

01. Mrs. Magician - Strange Heaven - Swami
02. Sonic Avenues - Television Youth - Dirtnap
03. Snuff - 5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps - Inyaface/Fat Wreck
04. Gentleman Jesse - Leaving Atlanta - Douchemaster
05. Bob Mould - Silver Age - Merge
06. Uranium Comeback - Uranium Comeback - Ptrash
07. Pinback - Information Retrieved - Temporary Residence
08. What-A-Night's - What-A-Night's - Self Released
09. Glow Kit - Glow Kit - Ptrash
10. Legendary Wings - Making Paper Roses - Dirtnap

11. Needles // Pins - 12:34 - Mammoth Cave
12. Capitalist Kids - Lessons on Love, Sharing And Hygiene - Toxic Pop
13. Outtacontroller - Don't Play Dumb - Ptrash
14. Chomp - Buddha Jabba Momma - Exit Stencil
15. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Meat And Bone - Mom & Pop
16. Dan Sartain - Too Tough To Live - One Little Indian
17. Duncan Redmonds - HonkyPingPongSeijinAttack - PingPong
18. Hospital Job - Downer, Downer, Downer - Insubordination
19. Nude Beach - II - Nude Beach Records
20. Wide Angles - Smile More - Dead Broke/Dirtcult

21. White Wires - WWIII - Dirtnap
22. Masked Intruder - Masked Intruder - Red Scare
23. Crusaders Of Love - Take It Easy...But Take It - FDH
24. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Lost Sounds - Superball
25. Sloane Peterson - Why Go Out - Dirtcult
26. Gleam Garden - Brilliant Nightmare - Perfect Music
27. Toys That Kill - Fambly 42 - Recess
28. Sick Sick Birds - Gates Of Home - Toxic Pop
29. Karl Hendricks Trio - The Adult Section - Comedy Minus One
30. The Men - Open Your Heart - Sacred Bones

Other records I bought & enjoyed this year:
Atom Age - The Hottest Thing That's Cool - Asian Man
Audacity - Mellow Cruisers - Recess
Billy No Mates - Duck Duck Goose - No idea
Brat Farrar - Brat Farrar - Ptrash
Budokan - Spin A Little Gold - Northern Electric
The Cry! - The Cry! - SP
Dan Padilla - Sports Fan
Delay - Rushing Ceremony
Dunebuggy - Dunebuggy - Little Black Cloud
Fear Of Lipstick - Seasons - Ptrash
Forgetters - Forgetters - Too Small To Fail
Games - Games - Hozac
Golden Boys - Dirty Fingernails - 12xu
Jaill - Traps - Sub Pop
Jealous Sound - A Gentle Reminder - Burnt Toast
Magnificent - Bad Lucky - Dirtcult
Manix - Neighborhood Wildlife - It's Alive
Mean Jeans - Mean Jeans On Mars - Dirtnap
Mindspiders - Meltdown - Dirtnap
Mojomatics - You Are The Reason For My Troubles
Revolvo - The End Starts Here - Ovlover
Songs For Snakes - Charcoal Heather - Self Released
Spider Fever - Spider Fever - Windian
Sundials - When I Couldn't Breathe - Asian Man
Treasure Fleet - Future Ways - Recess


  1. This is the least pretentious music blog on the internet. Very refreshing. Looking forward to your posts in 2013.

    1. I sure do hate most music websites, so that's a real compliment. Thanks for coming by!