Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lenguas Largas / Mind Spiders - Sister Series Double 7" - Red Vinyl

Razorcake (2013)

This isn't technically a double 7", it's actually available to buy as 2 separate 7"s if you want. But the 2 records go together, first in that each band covers a song by the other and 2nd because you can actually stick the 2 covers next to each other and end up with combined artwork. I know Razorcake has done this before, but I still think it's neat every time I see it.

Truthfully I bought this pretty much exclusively for the Mind Spiders. Lenguas Largas was a bonus and I was hopeful to be turned on to a new band. Unfortunately, the songs on this 7" just don't do anything for me. It's almost atmospheric punk. Lots of faint synthy ambient noise in the background. Breathy vocals buried in the mix, nothing that stands out. Even their Mind Spiders cover just falls flat for me.

For the Mind Spiders record, I was pretty nervous at first because the opening cut is their take on a Lenguas Largas song. It's very much in the vein of Jay Reatard and while it's totally fine, it's really nothing special. However, the other 2 songs on the 7" are stellar. Straightforward, Marked Men-ish punk pop. These 2 songs make the whole set worth it.

Lenguas Largas - Sister Series IV 7":

Mind Spiders - Sister Series IV 7":

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