Friday, April 12, 2013

Suspicious Beasts - Used To Be Beautiful LP

Black Hole (2012)

Another pick up from Japan courtesy of my friend Yuki. When I heard about this band which featured ex members of Three Minute Movie, Blotto & The Urchin, I knew I had to add it to my collection immediately. Unfortunately it was proving difficult to order online; but I'm very lucky to have a friend that can make the occasional trip to a record store in Japan for me.

Suspicious Beasts definitely use the influences of each member's prior band as a jumping off point, but they definitely lean towards a more rootsy style of rock and roll. If you are into bands like The Mojomatics, Nude Beach or the twangier moments of Your Pest Band; this Suspicious Beasts LP should probably be on your shopping list. The 7 songs fly by fast, but I really enjoyed the album and am hopeful the band will have many more records for me to hunt down in the future.

Suspicious Beasts - Used To Be Beautiful LP:

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