Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Off With Their Heads - Home LP - Blue Vinyl (/700)

Epitaph (2013)

Off With Their Heads is a band that I got the heads up on pretty early in their career. That was a good thing as they have been one of the most prolific punk rock bands I've come across in a while, just releasing scores of limited 7"s. That frantic pace has slowed up a little since they signed to Epitaph a few years ago, but it would sure be an intimidating task to try to start collecting all of their records now.

Unfortunately for some record collectors, Home is the type of record that will inspire many new fans to start hunting for all of these records. It's just that good. Everything that Off With Their Heads has been doing up to this point really culminates in Home, arguably the best record they have ever released. The songs are still undeniably punk rock, but with a more refined edge to the songwriting.

While the band has always had a knack for energetic music mixed with lyrics that are honestly kind of a bummer, Home really elevates this. Where before you might write off this formula as playing for irony, this record just has an air about it that just feels important; like the band really has something to say. It makes for a record that has staying power and warrants repeat listens. There is a lot of disposable music in the world these days, but off With Their Heads have crafted the kind of album that is meant to last.

I can't say enough good things about Home. It's overtaken From The Bottom as my favorite Off With Their Heads release and it's the kind of album that should make many more people sit up and pay attention to this band. I'm just glad I already have all their old 7"s; that quest is about to get messy for some people.

Off With Their Heads - Home:

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