Monday, April 1, 2013

Rocket From The Crypt - Rocket Pack 7" - Band Version - Pink Vinyl(#5/30)

Pusmort (1991)

Last night, at Bar Pink in San Diego, CA, Rocket From The Crypt played their first show since the 2005 Halloween RIP show. It was a secret warm up show in preparation for their Europe tour that starts on Tuesday in Germany. I didn't know about the Bar Pink show last night. I would have absolutely flown to San Diego for it if I did. I'm pretty bummed about missing it, but I'm hopeful that I will get to see them play again soon.

I decided to break my usual rule of only posting new records I buy, so I pulled this out of the archive. This is the pride and joy of my record collection. The #1 record, the crown jewel so to speak. This is my Rocket Pack 7". The even rarer band version that they only made 30 copies of. Even the normal version is pretty impossible to find as they only made 75 of those. I bought this record in 1996 for $325. At the time my friends said I was insane for spending that much on a record. The last time I saw one sell on eBay, it went for nearly $1000, so I'm pretty glad I grabbed this when I did.

Rocket From The Crypt is such an important band to me, they've been my favorite band since the mid 90's. I've seen them play live 25 times over the years, and we're actually creeping up on it being 20 years since the first show of theirs that I went to. I'm very excited they are playing again, and I'm very happy for my friends in San Diego that got to see the resurrection, but having been at their last show, I'm always going to be a little sad I wasn't able to be at their first show back. I hope they keep playing. I hope I get to see them play again. Long live the dead.


  1. Thought you might be interested.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Still really sad I didn't have a chance to get out there. It's tough being on the wrong coast for this sort of thing.