Friday, April 26, 2013

Record Store Day Haul #4: Samiam - Clumsy LP - Red Vinyl (/1500)

Siren Culling Series (2013)

I completely blew it and missed the boat on Samiam back in the 90's. I couldn't really even tell you why. I think I heard a song or two that I didn't like and then completely wrote off the entire band's catalog. I really just never listened to them. Well, I screwed that up pretty good, because Samiam are pretty stellar.

I am lucky as just about all of Samiam's full lengths have recently been or are in the process of being reissued. Clumsy was a Record Store Day 2013 release on red vinyl, limited to 1500 copies. It was one of the top wants on my list this year and I was able to grab a copy without incident.

The record itself is great. Clumsy was Samiam's major label debut, and it sounds like one. The production is maybe a bit glossier than I typically go for, but considering what else was coming out at the time, it makes total sense and I actually think it helps the songs shine even more. What really struck me about the record is how much it reminds me of Goosefair by China Drum. Maybe not as much as far as songwriting goes (as I think China Drum is just one of the all time greatest bands), but certainly in the way the album, especially the vocals, sound.

This is probably an ass backwards reference and I'm sure this would be a statement more useful in trying to get people to listen to China Drum than it is a way to describe Samiam. Regardless, this is a great record and I am full bore on the hunt to grab the rest of the Samiam discography.

Samiam - As We're Told:

Samiam - Capsized:

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