Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wavves - Afraid Of Heights LP - White w/ Splatter Vinyl (/500)

Rodeo/Mom+Pop/Warner Bros (2013)

Wavves is a band that caught my ear with their last album. The crunchy guitar, loud choruses and generally catchy music appealed to this pop kid for sure. Their latest Afraid Of Heights album now has the influence of a major label behind them, but apparently that doesn't really mean anything like it did in the 90's; Wavves still sounds like the same fuzzy pop band to me. Which is a good thing.

I will say that this new Wavves album is remarkably similar to their last, King Of The Beach, to me. I'm never a fan of bands abandoning their signature sound to explore new frontiers; however there a few songs on this that seem to have the exact same chords as songs from the last album. A little more variety probably would have made the album a bit more interesting, though I suppose you could make the argument that there are a handful of slower songs this time out.

If anything, that's what's holding me back from truly gushing about this record; it's really, really similar to King Of The Beach and doesn't come off quite as fresh and exciting as the last one did. That being said, it is a great record and the splatter variant that I have is an especially neat looking slab of vinyl. It's also pretty funny seeing the Parental Advisory sticker on a record. I haven't seen one of those in a long, long time.

Wavves - Sail To The Sun:

Wavves - Demon To Lean On:

Wavves - Afraid Of Heights:

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