Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Record Store Day Haul #6: Superchunk - Void/Faith 7" - Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl (/1000)

Merge (2013)

Superchunk has just been on an absolute tear these past few years. Everything they touch turns to gold and this Record Store Day 7" is no exception. Two trademark Superchunk punched up pop songs once again just making me freak out waiting for their next full length.

This actually ended up being the record I was most worried about acquiring on Record Store Day. Though I spent most of my time in line at the store fretting about the Rocket From The Crypt reissues; when the guy in front of me got the last copy of the Superchunk 7" I went into panic mode. It seemed that most of the other folks I had been talking too around the country over the course of the day were running into similar issues (though one of them managed to snag me the Giant Henry LP with what seemed like minimal hassle).

Luckily my friend @polianarchy in Philadelphia managed to score this 7" for me and I am super grateful to her. I have a pretty hefty Superchunk 7" collection and it would have been a real shame for there to be one missing. And no one really wants to buy a brand new 2 day old record for collector prices on eBay, do they? Well, I don't anyway. Thanks #TeamSwami!

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