Thursday, April 18, 2013

Office Of Future Plans / Daria - Split 7" - Red Vinyl (/100)

Lovitt (2013)

Split 7" between Office Of Future Plans (w/ J Robbins of Jawbox/Burning Airlines fame) and Daria (A band from France that I'd never heard of before). This 7" has a song by each band and includes a digital download with 2 extra songs by each band. I hate digital only bonus songs, the practice of doing this just drives me nuts. As silly as it sounds, I'd almost prefer the songs not exist. OK, even I'll admit that sounds pretty stupid actually typing that sentence out, but I really wish all 6 songs were available on vinyl. A 10" perhaps?

Anyway, the Office of Future Plans songs are all pretty good. Nothing as good as what's on their full length (which, though I haven't picked up yet, I have listened to and is on my post-record store day to buy list). They're a bit slower in tempo than I favor, but the last song (MP3 only) 24 Doors (a Rifle Sport cover) is a bit louder and probably my favorite of the bunch.

As noted earlier, I was unfamiliar with Daria going into this 7" and they're done a good job of impressing me. I definitely hear influence of the 90's angular DC sound, but it's still pretty upbeat & has strong catchy choruses. Makes for interesting songs and I think I need to track down one of the band's 3 records to try out some more. Plus they cover a Leatherface song (MP3 only) so that will earn some points from me as well.

Office Of Future Plans / Daria - Split 7":

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