Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Actual Water - She's A Priest 7"

Plastic Idol (2012)

What sold me on this band initially was their connection to Marvelous Darling/Young Governor leader Ben Cook. He recorded this 7" and went to bat for the band. That lead me to picking up the band's first release the Latoya lathe cut flexi that was released on Scotch Tapes Records (A label that disappeared into the night with a pile of my money for a club subscription that never happened).

Well, Lotoya finds its way onto the B-side of this 7" and sounds better than it ever did on that lathe. The A-side, She's A Priest is the hit on this record for me though. It's such a fun bouncy song with a great riff and big hooks. I would say that sound a bit like the band Mother's Children and perhaps similar to the aforementioned Marvelous Darlings as well. Plastic Idol only pressed 330 of these 7"s, so you best grab it quick if this sounds like something up your alley.

Actual Water - She's A Priest (via Bandcamp):

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