Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sick Sick Birds - Chemical Trains 7" - Yellow Vinyl /87

Toxic Pop Records (2007)

Very pleased to see this record sitting in someone's for sale list on a vinyl message board that I frequent. I already had this 7" on black vinyl and I already had the super limited transitional black & Yellow blotchy vinyl (There were only 13 of those). Finally I have the regular limited (if such a phrase exists) version of this 7". Sick Sick Birds are such a great band, and their limited discography is absolutely essential. So far they have this 7", a split 7" and 1 full length, though their 2nd full length is due out very soon. There was a super limited version of their first full length, Heavy Manners, limited to 9 numbered copies, right now that's the last record of theirs that I need, so if you have it and want to part with it, by all means get in touch. Tunes below!

Sick Sick Birds - Chemical Trains (Stream of entire 7" on Bandcamp):


  1. Hey Tim. Great blog. All 9 of those LP transitionals accidentally got sent to Japan. I don't even have one. But if you're on the hunt, that's the place to start. Unfortunately I wasn't able to figure out which distro they got sent to as I didn't realize the mistake until a couple weeks later and they had all been sold at that point.

    - mike
    toxic pop

    1. Something tells me I'm not going to find one of those then! thanks for the info though!