Friday, February 24, 2012

Tenement - Napalm Dream - Double Cassette /100

Drugged Conscience (2012)

As always, I tend to get annoyed with tapes, but here's an instance where it was really done right. First off, I already own the album on LP, so cassette isn't my only option. 2nd, they went all out and made a custom box with new artwork. Finally there's an entire extra cassette with 19 tracks of demos and unreleased songs. Plus it's limited to 100 copies and was only $10. That is how it's done, future cassette labels. This is how you get me to buy a cassette and not complain about it.

So the maim album itself, Napalm Dream, is one of the very best records from last year. Go get it right away in whatever format you prefer. The 2nd cassette of demos is what I'm here for. For the most part, they're rougher versions of the album tracks, some have different solos or vocal arrangements and there's a few out and out unreleased tracks. It's a really cool listen, though at the end of the day, I'll probably grab the few unreleased songs and only go back to those repeatedly. I believe this is sold out already, but if you happen to stumble across a copy, especially at a good price, it's definitely worth grabbing.

I can't find any of the demo tracks online to link to, but the band is streaming the entire main record on their Bandcamp page.

Tenement - Napalm Dream (via Bandcamp):

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