Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sonic Avenues - Television Youth - Blue Vinyl (/200) & Black Vinyl

Dirtnap Records (2012)

2012 is starting off really strong if you ask me. and things don't come much stronger than the 2nd Sonic Avenues album, Television Youth. I absolutely loved their first record that came out on Going Gaga records in 2010 and the new one picks up right where the first one left off. Insanely catchy and the band has such a crazy knack for chord progressions. They never go where you're expecting them to go, but the results are always fantastic.

They get compared to the Marked Men a lot, probably because both bands employ similar distortion on their vocals and both have a well deserved reputation for high energy songs. Where I find they differ is that the Marked Men tend to push a more aggressive attack, while Sonic Avenues have a penchant for soaking their songs, especially the choruses, in melodies. No matter how you slice it, both bands are at the top of their game and I feel pretty comfortable in saying that as of right now, Sonic Avenues are in the lead for album of the year.

Sonic Avenues - Television Youth (2 Songs via Bandcamp):

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