Thursday, February 9, 2012

Steve Adamyk - Goodbye California CD

Lost Cause Records (2003)

So like I said yesterday, here's a little surprise. An artifact lost in time. The very first Steve Adamyk CD (before there was a THE or a BAND) from 2003. It was released on a label called Lost Cause records, but that's about all of the information you're probably going to find about this record online. The only other hits that I found were a few college radio station playlists and message board posts from way back when.

Now, if you are expecting this to sound just like the more recent Steve Adamyk Band releases, you're barking up the wrong tree. This came out nearly 10 years ago and Steve Adamyk has had 10 additional years of perfecting his craft. What this CD does show is a time capsule, a work in progress. You can absolutely hear echoes of what is to come. From the dynamic chord progressions to the slick use of backing vocals, the pieces are here. There's some great songs on here, and a few that seem like Steve was still finding his way. Regardless it's an absolutely fascinating listen, especially if you are as obsessed as I am with the current incarnation of the band.

Sadly, I cannot find any of these songs streaming in any capacity and as I said when I started posting song links, I don't find it to be my place to be uploading anyone's music. But I will provide the track listing, who knows, if you search around, you may get lucky.

Track list:
1. 3 Miles And Back
2. Makeshift Lane
3. Got A Light
4. I'm Only Inspired By My Own Self Destruction
5. I Need Fire
6. Automated Man
7. Strychnine
8. Reality Dan
9. Without You
10. Celebration

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