Monday, February 27, 2012

Billy No Mates - Duck Duck Goose LP - Yellow Vinyl

No Idea (2012)

Billy No Mates is the other band that Duncan from Snuff has been doing for quite a while. Even though the previous Billy No Mates albums all had some great songs on them, Duck Duck Goose is probably the best and most consistent album that has been released under this moniker. While some of my usual complaints about Billy No Mates do come up on this record (Wish there were a couple more super poppy songs, a few too many songs have really noticeable double vocals), there are way more hits than misses this time out. In fact, this would have been a great follow up to the last Snuff album, Disposable Income. With Snuff back in the studio, hopefully cranking out another masterpiece, you can absolutely get your fix with Duck Duck Goose while you're waiting.

Billy No Mates - In Between The Truth And Dreaming:

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