Monday, February 6, 2012

Sloane Peterson - Why Go Out LP /300

Dead Broke / Art of The Underground / Hip Kid / Hang Up (2012)

A band that is sadly releasing their debut full length after they have already broken up. I give credit to all of the labels involved who ensured that this received a proper vinyl release and kept this great record from ending up as MP3s floating around in the ether. Sloane Peterson put out a handful of 7"s over the last couple of years that really caught my ear and had me eagerly awaiting more music. Catchy, energetic punk pop with a slightly nasal-y lead singer that really just sounded great. This LP is more of the same and it's a real shame that the band isn't going to keep going. As mentioned, there's only 300 of these pressed, with screened covers. While not a huge band by any stretch of the imagination, they have a good little following, so if you are interested, I'd grab a copy sooner than later.

Sloane Peterson - Why Go Out (Full Album Stream from BandCamp):

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