Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Cuts - Plastic Disaster 7" - Red Vinyl /200

Dirtnap Records (2011)

Fronted by Dave Hernandez, a man who has served time in Scared of Chaka and the Shins, this Little Cuts 7" is nothing if not diverse. The A-Side & title track is a 50's throwback, with a sound that builds up with treble-y guitar along with borderline doo wop vocals. The 2nd track, He Finally Must Eat His Own, takes a catchy guitar riff for the verse, builds it up and then breaks the song into chaos during the chorus. The last track, RRHS, is a super sped up shouty assault. It's kind of a crazy ride over the course of 3 songs, but somehow it manages to work. I dig the title track the most personally, and if the band keeps putting out records, I hope that's a sound they spend more time exploring.

Little Cuts - Plastic Disaster (via Sound Cloud):
Little Cuts "Plastic Disaster" by 230MP3

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