Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ash - Barbie 7" - Gold Glitter Vinyl

Barbie (1997)

Another LONG time want off the list! I have had such a great run of finding some of these records lately. This 7" was given away to members of the Ash fan club at 2 shows that took place in London in 1997. Needless to say, I wasn't at either of these shows so I've been looking for a copy ever since. I've seen this record sell for way over $100 over the years, and was just never willing to invest quite that much money into it.

Well, thanks to Discogs.com, I managed to find someone willing to sell me a copy for about $30. I'm totally willing to pay that much for this 7". Songs on it aren't special. A halfway decent cover of I Only Want to Be With You and a live version of Kung Fu played approximately 10 times faster than the album version. Still, as an Ash fan with a pretty healthy collection of their records, it's great to add another holy grail to the stacks.

Ash - Barbie 7"

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