Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Jealous Sound - A Gentle Reminder LP - Pink Vinyl

Burnt Toast (2012)

I don't want to sound overly harsh towards the record label, as I did get my record and it looks and sounds great, however it is super annoying when you put a record up for pre order in January and it doesn't arrive until May. Cut down the time of your pre order buddy!

The Jealous Sound took an awful long break between records. I was a huge fan of their last album, Kill Them With Kindness and was an even bigger fan of singer Blair's old band Knapsack. When listening to A Gentle Reminder, I'm struck by 2 very specific thoughts. 1. Yep this does in fact sound like the Jealous Sound and 2. Boy, I wish it sounded more like Knapsack.

That's probably a little harsh. A Gentle Reminder is the very definition of "a solid record." There's not a bad song in the bunch, and most of them are pretty good, but there's nothing really on here that jumps out at me. I wish there was a bit more yelling on this record. I said jokingly to a friend that I wish the band had bad lives so they'd be more angry at everything, but what I really mean is that their used to be more fire and angst in Blair's vocals once upon a time. I just miss that a bit I guess.

Check out some of the tunes below and judge for yourself. Despite any minor gripes, I think you'll agree that it's definitely a record worth having.

The Jealous Sound - Your Eyes Were Shining:

The Jealous Sound - Change You:

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