Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Roommates - Winnifred 7" - Blue w/ Purple Vinyl

Slumberland (2012)

Roommates features Ben Cook, famous in my world for fronting Marvelous Darlings & Young Governor, though most know him as one of the guitar players in the band Fucked Up. Roommates is a band that he did with one of his Roommates (crazy, I know). Originally the band released two cassette singles on the label Scotch Tapes (You know, the label that ripped me off on a $75 subscription series a couple of years back), but now they have been given the vinyl treatment thanks to Slumberland records.

I love the songs on this 7", lo fi pop genius. While the recording invokes some of the great 4 track heroes of old, the songs tend to sound a bit like Marvelous Darlings, but without much of the glammy flair that band is known for. I won't go so far as to say it sounds deep and introspective, but it seems to be coming from a different place than the MD or Young Governor songs. The one thing I am most curious about is before Scotch Tapes vanished into the night, these songs constituted 2 of 4 total tapes that were supposed to come out. I wonder if more Roommates records are lurking in our future...

Roommates: Back To The Sun / Girlfriend Swap (You can stream the songs on this website):

Roommates: Kelly I'm Not A Creep / 1st Floor Blues (You can stream the songs on this website):

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