Thursday, May 10, 2012

Operation Ivy - Energy LP - Clear Vinyl (/500)

Hellcat (2012)

I almost don't even know what to say about this record. It's one of the best and most important punk rock records to ever come out. It sounds just as exciting as it did 23 years ago. If you don't own it, you're a fool. That's all I can say about the music.

As far as the record itself goes, this is a reissue of the classic LP that originally came out on Lookout. I have an original copy of the record (with the Laytonville address, nerds), but when I heard this was getting re-released with a few colored vinyl variants, the collector in me just couldn't resist. It was re-released on Black vinyl, Red vinyl (only for sale in the Epitaph webstore) and Clear vinyl (only for sale through Hot Topic). I thought the clear vinyl matched the artwork best, plus I saw someone on the Vinyl Collective message board post a $15 of your purchase of $30 coupon online. Managed to pick this up and the re-release of the Hectic EP for about $25 including shipping. Say what you will about Hot Topic, but I'll take those prices.

Operation Ivy - Knowledge:

Operation Ivy - Sound System:

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