Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Steve Adamyk Band - Take It Back 7" (#33/500)

Lady Kinky Karrot (2012)

Been waiting on this one for a while. If you're a bit mad like me, when the Steve Adamyk Band record Forever Won't Wait came out you bought the clear vinyl, the black vinyl the US CD and the Japanese CD. Well, both CDs had songs not on the LP. There was a note in the CD saying the remaining tracks were being released as a 7" on an Italian label. Well, I've been watching that label's website ever since and finally the record is up for sale. I'm very excited to finally have the rest of these songs on vinyl as there are just some classics on this 7". Sure, shipping from Italy was ridiculous (plus the label charged me double what the actual cost of shipping was, so that's no fun [05/18/12 Update - The label actually refunded me the difference in shipping, so they're A-OK in my book!]), but in order to keep the Steve Adamyk Band collection complete, it's worth it.

The Steve Adamyk Band - Take It Back:

Also, last night this silly website had its 10,000th view.  I realize that's not the same thing as 10,000 different people coming to this website, but still, that's pretty cool considering I've only been posting since late December.  Thanks to everyone who's stopped by to have a look.

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