Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dunebuggy - S/T LP - White Vinyl (/100)

Little Black Cloud (2012)

This was a band kicking around the NJ indie rock scene in the early 90's. Though they were a bit before my time going to shows (living in Sussex county before you got your drivers license pretty much guarantees you're not getting out to many shows) I remember their 7"s always hanging out at the local record stores. This album compiles the songs from some of those 7"s along with unreleased tracks to cobble together a debut album for Dunebuggy all these years later. It's a surprisingly tight collection and flows really well as an album.

At times the vocals seem a bit buried in the mix to me, but I'll chalk that up to 90's recording, plus I've never been a huge fan of bands that have the vocals dominate the recording. This is a great, mid tempo, well crafted indie pop record with some really dynamic guitar parts. It's unmistakably 90's, but doesn't sound old or dated like so many other albums from that time do. Only 100 copies were pressed on white vinyl, so best to grab this quick if you like what you hear.

Dunebuggy - S/T (Via Bandcamp):

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