Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Minibosses - Brass 2: Mouth LP

Self Released (2012)

For those that don't know, Minibosses are a band that covers old school video game music. They've been at it for quite a while, but this is only their 2nd full length album. When I first heard that the band was releasing a new album plus they were going to put it out on vinyl, I was beyond excited. Then, my excitement came crashing down around me when I heard the price. $35. $35 for 1 single LP record! That's absurd. So I decided I wasn't going to pay that. Now I've paid WAY more than that for an old rare record, but something just wouldn't let me justify shelling out $35 for a record full of video game covers.

Well, the more I debated, the angrier I got, but it was actually a reader of this very website that came to the rescue and offered to buy one of the albums I gave a less than positive review for just about $35. In my head, I can justify that as an even trade. So that money went into my PayPal account and then right back out to get this record.

I will say this, the packaging looks outstanding. 180 gram vinyl, big beautiful gatefold cover. It's a quality product for sure. Plus some of the songs are simply great like the sports medley (with RC Pro Am music!), Kid Icarus & Batman. But then there's about 137 different terrible versions of the Excitebike jingle. Those are such a waste. At the end of the day, I am glad this record is in my collection, but it is just not worth $35. For $20, sure, this is an easy pickup, But if you have to shell out $35 of your hard earned dollars, I can point you to distros where you can pick up 3 amazing records for that much money.

Minibosses - Brass 2 Mouth:


  1. If you're ever looking for a buyer for this I'd certainly be interested.

  2. Heey if youre still hurting about the price, ill buy it off yaaa ;D