Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Mojomatics - You Are The Reason For My Troubles LP - Clear Vinyl(/100)

Outside Inside / Wild Honey (2012)

I became a fan of The Mojomatics when their last album, Don't Pretend That You Know Me, was released on Alien Snatch records. Their newest release is on a new label, but the hodge podge of sounds that I loved on their last album are present on this record as well. The Mojomatics is a hard band to pin down. They have some straight up pop songs, some harmonica tinged country ramblers and some swamp stomping garage-y blasts. Definitely a band not content writing the same song over and over and it gives the album a fresh & dynamic feel.

I was lucky to catch the limited to 100 clear vinyl version that was sold during the pre order. Sometimes I think that record pre orders can be annoying (and dangerous if they last longer than the window you can file a complaint with PayPal), but this is a label that did it right. Only a couple of weeks and then the record was in hand. Good job everyone!

The Mojomatics - Behind the Trees:

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