Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mean Jeans - Mean Jeans On Mars LP - Red Vinyl (/300)

Dirtnap (2012)

When Dirtnap put out the 1st Mean Jeans record, I bought it out of loyalty to one of my favorite record labels. I buy everything that Dirtnap puts out. While I thought the record was pretty good, I was shocked at the huge outpouring of love that record received. So many people thought it was the best thing ever, and I was kind of left scratching my head a bit. Well, Mean Jeans On Mars is a record much more up my alley than their last.

The songs are well constructed much more dynamic that the last record (Well, as dynamic as you can get when your chief inspiration is the Ramones anyway...). It's hard to accuse a band of maturing with song titles likeDon't Stop Partying and Come Toobin' but the songs on this record are just written better. While i still am probably not the huge devotee to this band that many are, I can definitely say it makes a bit more sense to me after listening to this record.

Mean Jeans - On Mars (Full album stream via punknews.org):

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