Friday, May 4, 2012

Collection: fluf - LPs & 7"s

If you had asked me in the mid 90s ('95 - '96ish) to list off my absolute favorite bands, there is no chance I would not have listed fluf. I just absolutely loved these guys. Giant, crunching guitar, big powerful vocals, catchy tunes and tons of energy. Sure there was always some filler on each record, but the hits were monster hits. Plus, they always put a little something extra into the vinyl versions of their records, which is definitely something I can get into.

Sadly as the years went by, I became less interest in fluf's records. Waikiki was only OK, and I didn't really like Road Rage (not pictured) much at all. Still, those first few records & 7"s were a real treat. everyone should at least have Whitey On The Moon and The Classic Years in their collections.

fluf - Whitey On The Moon LP - Headhunter - Black Vinyl
fluf - The Classic Years LP - Headhunter - White Vinyl
fluf - Waikiki LP - Headhunter - Black Vinyl
fluf - Wasting Seed 10" - Headhunter - Red Vinyl

fluf - Tried 7" - Headhunter - Black Vinyl (Bonus 7" came w/ Whitey On The Moon LP)
fluf- Garbage Truck 7" - Sympathy For The Record Industry - Black Vinyl
fluf / Further - Split 7" - First Strike - Black Vinyl
fluf - Sheela Na Gig 7" - Goldenrod - Black Vinyl
fluf - Moody As The Day Is Young 7" - Goldenrod - Black Vinyl
fluf - 24-7 Years 7" - Silver Girl - Blue Swirl Vinyl
fluf - Skyrocket 7" Headhunter - Picture Disc
fluf - Kim Thayils Paw 7" - Value Club Member - Black Vinyl
fluf / J Church - Split 7" - Goldenrod - Black Vinyl
fluf - 2klb 7" - Red Can - Black Vinyl

Missing: Road Rage LP (Never got round to picking it up, I'll grab it if I see it super cheap). Also, I'm sure there are colored vinyl versions of some of these records that I don't have. I've just never been able to find a really complete discography.

fluf - Sticky Bun:

fluf - One Trick Pony:

fluf - Sheela Na Gig:

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