Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bear Trade - Belief is a Graveyard 7" - White Vinyl (/100)

Everything Sucks (2013)

The main reason I wanted to pick up this Bear Trade 7" when I first heard about it was because one of the members was previously in a band that I loved, Blocko. It was a sad day when Blocko split up and I've been doing my best to try to keep tabs on all of the various other projects everyone has been involved in. It took a little bit to get this record as I was trying to navigate some pretty expensive shipping options from the UK, but my buddy Julian @ Drunken Sailor picked this up for me and shipped over with a bunch of records I was ordering from him. Top guy!

Bear Trade, musically, do tread some of that same territory that I loved from bands like Blocko or Broccoli. While the singer of Bear Trade doesn't possess some of the more melodic vocal qualities of the aforementioned bands, musically they are right in that same ballpark with roaring choruses, palm muted bridges and a really tight rhythm section. Vocally, I hear more similarities to bands like The Great St. Louis. A harsher, gruffer delivery, but completely fits the music. It's a great 7" and I'm eager to hear the full length that I believe the band is currently working on.

Bear Trade - Belief is a Graveyard:

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