Friday, June 21, 2013

Sundowners - The Larger Half Of Wisdom LP - Green Vinyl (/100)

Dirtcult (2013)

Dirtcult records has become one of those labels that I implicitly trust with pop music. Sure, they put out a few things that lean more to the hardcore side of things that are not really my style; but when they've got a melodic punk band lined up, I'm on board just about every time. They've done it again with Sundowners.

Sundowners play a punked up indie rock that immediately makes me think of the band Sundials. Both have a singer with similar inflections, but Sundowners blow Sundials out of the water with hooks and energy. At times, Sundowners also remind me of the more off kilter moments of Statues. A little shake up in the rhythm, but also like Statues, just blast into ultra catchy choruses.

Even though this is the band's 2nd full length, they are still a newer band to me. The Larger Half Of Wisdom is the type of record that will absolutely make me keep tabs on Sundowners in the future, just waiting for more records. The first 100 are on green vinyl and as of right now, Dirtcult still has some for sale on their website.

Sundowners - The Larger Half Of Wisdom:

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