Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Johnny Cash - Get Rhythm b/w I Walk The Line 7"

Third Man (2013)

Third Man Records has some wacky ideas. I've seen some pretty terrible ones over the years, and that gold vinyl/wooden box $300 version of the truly terrible looking Great Gatsby soundtrack was right at the top of the list of bizarre things to do. But then they will always redeem themselves with a project like this. Third Man is going to be reissuing a lot of the original Sun records 7" singles. While I'm not likely to buy all of them, I absolutely intend to cherry pick some of the cooler ones to add to the collection.

First up, the reissue of the Johhny Cash classic Get Rhythm b/w I Walk The Line. There's very little to say about songs as iconic as these, other than they're obviously incredible. What I'm most impressed with is the faithful way that Third Man has reissued the original artwork. Plus there's the fact that these songs sound better on this 7" than I've ever heard. Though I have miles of Johnny Cash, virtually all of it is on CD. I've been wanting to start replacing that with vinyl, but when you buy as many records as I do with the budget I'm working on, you have to pick and choose your battles, so Johnny is still waiting for some vinyl.

When I ordered this record from Third Man, they actually sent me the wrong record and sent the Sun reissue of the Prisonaires 7" they released by mistake. But as soon as I alerted them they immediately sent me the correct Johnny Cash record and also let me keep the Prisonaires one, so I'll write something up about that tomorrow.

Johnny Cash - Get Rhythm:

Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line:

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  1. Cool! I picked up an original pressing off eBay a while back. It was one I just had to have in my collection as well. There's a Johnny Cash Live in Austin, TX LP I'm eyeing soon at my record store here. Gotta add it to my library.