Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Occult Detective Club - Alright Gentlemen 7"

Dirtcult (2013)

There are a lot of bands that write good songs, but then do something screwy when they're recording. You've got the garage bands writing killer pop songs, but then they put a huge layer of static over the vocals. Then you've got the pop punk bands that have catchy tunes, but everything sounds so slick and clinical you lose all emotion. And finally there's a band like Occult Detective Club; a band doing everything right.

Occult Detective Club play extremely catchy punk rock with gruff vocals and unlike a lot of bands, they recorded this 7" perfectly. The guitars sound huge, but there's no unnecessary gloss here. The vocals have that great lived in, rough around the edges quality, but not so fuzzed out you can't understand them. It's really a perfect sounding record which makes it even more depressing that it appears the band has split and this 7" is their swan song.

Hopefully they come to their senses and make some more rock, in the meantime I need to finally go buy their other LP's. Anyone know of an online store selling both of them?

Occult Detective Club - Alright Gentlemen:

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