Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tenement - Freak Cast In Iron 7" - Green Vinyl (/100)

Cowabunga (2013)

The whole reason I subscribed to the Cowabunga Records Sick Club singles series was to get the limited version of this Tenement 7". A bonus was the Mean Jeans 7" that they advertised which seems to no longer be mentioned anywhere on the label's website. So that might be out at this point.

Tenement is a band that I will always buy everything they put out. One of the things I like about the band is how diverse and creative their output is. While I prefer some of their songs to others, I love that you never know what to expect until the record starts spinning. These 2 songs are more a part of their lower fi cannon, with the first being short & catchy while the flip side is a bit longer and a bit weirder. Both enjoyable songs, though I personally prefer their slightly higher production punchy numbers.

There's no way I'm not buying this record, and I can't wait for the band to finish working on their next LP. It's nice that we've gotten a fairly consistent stream of 7"s being released in the meantime.

Tenement - Freak Cast In Iron 7":

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