Thursday, June 13, 2013

V/A - Snuffy Smiles Presents: Puke & Destroy 2 7" (Gleam Garden,What-A-Night's, Tenement, Holy Shit)

Snuffy Smiles (2013)

Life doesn't get much better than a Snuffy Smiles compilation. Especially when it pairs 2 of my absolute favorite Japanese bands and 1 of my favorite American bands. The deal with this 7" is that each band contributes 2 songs. One quick 30 second long one, then another longer track.

I could go on for days and days about how much I love Gleam Garden and What-A-Night's and you really need to look no further than this 7" to see why. Gleam Garden's 30 second long song isn't anything special, but their 2nd one, "It Smelled Good," is pretty great. Neither is quite as good as their most recent CD, but this band is outstanding. What-A-Night's just kill on both of their contributions. They cram a lot of greatness into the 30 second one, and "Cry for Nothing" is also a hit. This band has tons of energy and write some of the best hooks coming out of Japan right now.

For the US side Tenement 30 second long song (like What-A-Night's) isn't really a standout, but "The Block Is Safe Again" is a really strong mid tempo rocker with great backing harmonies. Tenement is one of the best US bands going and I suggest you buy as many of their records as you can. Holy Shit isn't really my copy of tea, they lean more to the hardcore, really fast side of things and that was just never a style the clicked with me, especially as I've gotten older.

All in, this is a great 7", but really you should always be buying everything that comes out with the Snuffy Smiles logo on it, they can do no wrong.

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