Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tight Bros - S/T LP

Tight Bros - S/T LP by Tim PopKid
Tight Bros - S/T LP, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.

Rad Girlfriend / Shout Out Load / Let's Pretend (2013)

Tight Bros are a band that I stumbled across a few weeks ago. This is their 1st full length album and from the second I put the needle on the vinyl I was floored. Absolutely floored. This is a band that is flat out great. They manage to build fast, catchy Marked Men style punk rock, but without all the fuzz & distortion that the Marked Men weave into their vocals.

This Tight Bros record has fantastic vocal melodies, super catchy choruses and it really feels like each song is better than the last as you're going through the album. For me the absolute highlight of the bunch is "Summertime." This song builds off a simple guitar riff and just explodes when the whole band joins in. On top of all of this are laid back vocals that, honestly, should be out of place but for some reason it just works. On a record full of amazing songs, this is the kind of song that you'd put on every mix tape for 6 months. If anyone still made mix tapes.

I can't recommend this record enough, I just love it. One of the best of the year and if you've been keeping track, that's pretty high praise because 2013 is just killing it so far.

Tight Bros - S/T:

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