Friday, June 7, 2013

Car10 - I Don't Meet You 7"

Snuffy Smiles (2013)

Snuffy Smiles is my all time favorite record label. Based out of Japan, they've been cranking out hits for nearly 20 years and it just thrills me every time they put out a new 7". That being said, I don't know that I can say that Car10 is my favorite thing they've done lately.

Car10 is playing slightly mod leaning, jangley guitar rock. The vocals are kind of fuzzy and overblown, but it doesn't really suit the way the rest of the music was recorded. The vocal melodies tend to drone a bit and it's an odd contrast to the bouncy guitar hooks throughout the songs. The songs are also quite short, so there's not much time for them to build.

There's a lot of potential here that I don't think was realized on this record. I will definitely check out any future releases as I think they could get great, very quickly. It's also probably not fair to the band that I'm judging them on the Snuffy Smiles scale of excellence, so anything that's not out of this world will probably feel like a bit of a let down. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of these songs streaming anywhere to share.

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