Thursday, June 20, 2013

Manifesto Jukebox - Desire LP

Nabate / Combat Rock (2000)

I wrote about a later period Manifesto Jukebox record earlier in the year and mentioned that while good, it was not as good as Desire. Oddly enough, just a few weeks later a used copy of Desire popped up in my favorite online distro, Green Noise. I actually don't remember how much I paid for it as I grabbed it with several other records, but I know it wasn't much. Less than $5 I think.

It's a good record and I've had the CD of it ever since Sean Rugger Bugger recommended the album to me back when it came out. I contend to this day that I think the band would be better if the singers vocal were just slightly more melodic, but the band burns through these songs like a really pissed off Leatherface. Glad to add it to the pile. Now I just need to keep and eye out for their 2nd LP on the cheap. Couldn't find any of the album streaming, but i found a few live versions of songs on YouTube.

Manifesto Jukebox - Paralyzed (Live):

Manifesto Jukebox - Desire (Live):

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