Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Outer Spaces - I Was Divided 7" - Yellow Vinyl

Matador (2013)

The April edition of the Matador singles club came in the same package as yesterday's entry for March. They're a little behind, but that's OK. Apparently it's impossible to get normal records pressed in the days leading up to Record Store Day which I can beleive considering the sheer amount of nonsense that happens for RSD these days. I am hopeful to get another 2 record package soon as June was scheduled to be the Royal Headache 7".

Outer Spaces is a vast improvement for me from the Cian Nugent 7" yesterday. For starters, there's vocals. Jangle-y female fronted indie pop. It's very 90's sounding and really reminds me of a more mid tempo speed Go Sailor or maybe The Crabs. A definite K Records vibe for sure. This 7" isn't a total slam dunk and I don't think it'll get a whole lot of replay value, but it's a solid record for sure.

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