Monday, May 6, 2013

Record Store Day Haul #10: V/A - Trouble In Mind Compilation 7" - WhiteVinyl (/2000)

Trouble In Mind (2013)

Yes, I am still going with Record Store Day releases. I have a few more to get to, but will finish up this week. I've also received everything that friends picked up for me in other parts of the country (& world) and mailed over, so I'll be able to go straight through all of the Record Store Day records I bought without having to skip a day.

Every year Trouble in Mind puts out a Record Store Day 7" of bands from their label doing cover songs. It becomes an annual hunt as the stores by me never stock it. But, each year I do manage to track down a copy. It's always an important record to pick up as I am sitting on a complete collection of Trouble In Mind 7"s on colored vinyl (been buying since day 1!) and need to keep it complete.

That being said, this yearly compilation is never anything particularly exciting. This year, I really like the Resonars song, but the other three bands (Jacco Gardner, Mmoss & Maston) just don't do anything for me. When Trouble In Mind is doing pop or garage rock they can do no wrong, but they also put out a lot of throwback psych bands. The psych revival thing is just going completely over my head. I don't think the bands are necessarily playing anything bad; I just don't like psych (or the kind of music everyone seems calling baroque or chamber pop).

Still, happy to keep the 7" collection going and you know I'll be on the hunt once again come Record Store Day 2014.

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