Friday, May 3, 2013

Record Store Day Haul #9: The Animals - Is Here 10" / Are Back 10"

Abkco (2013)

When i first saw these 10"s listed on the Record Store Day lists, I thought that it was a bit silly. Sure it's the chance to own mono versions of my 3 favorite Animals songs on vinyl. They're reproductions of original 7"s, but it seemed like a cash grab to me to have these put out this time as 10"s instead of 7"s. At $12 a pop, it just seemed expensive, even though I decided that I was going to pick them up anyway.

I will say this, it was worth every penny because to my humble ears, these 2 records sound outstanding. The 10"s format at 45rpm just gives the grooves and the songs space to breathe and I have never, ever heard any of these songs sound better than they do on these 10"s. I am so happy I stuck to my guns and bought them despite the high price tag as I predict listening to these guys pretty often.

The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun:

The Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood:

The Animals - We Gotta Get Out of This Place:

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