Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Record Store Day Haul #12 - Giant Henry - Big Baby LP - Grey Vinyl

Numero (2013)

For all purposes Giant Henry is really Unwound. Or at least it's Unwound while they were still in high school. Giant Henry was the band they originally formed that set them on their path for indie rock sort-of-super-stardom. I really liked Unwound when I was younger and in particular I enjoyed the first couple of their records the most, so I was intrigued when this was announced for Record Store Day. I figured that it could go 2 ways. it could be great like early Unwound or it could be terrible since it was a high school band. Surprisingly, it's somewhere in the middle.

I'll say this, I pretty much can guarantee that Giant Henry was better than whatever bands you went to high school with. They're certainly better than the ones I went to high school with anyway. While no where near as refined or dynamic as Unwound, Giant Henry was definitely on to something. They had the noisy breakdowns, they had the screechy guitar squall and more than anything they had that quintessential Pacific Northwest vibe.

While I'm looking forward to Numero's Unwound reissue project more, and even though this isn't a record that will probably get a ton of play from me, I am very excited to have this in the collection as it is an interesting look at the genesis of a band that was only a few years away from being truly great. Extra thanks to @eekrock for picking this up for me as my Record Store Day stores didn't stock it.

Giant Henry - Super Nova:

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