Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Samiam - You Are Freaking Me Out LP - Blue Vinyl (/100)

No Idea (2013)

The more I listen to Samiam, the more I just do not understand how I could have possibly missed out on them the first time around. Considering the kind of music I've been listening to for the past 20+ years, the sheer amount of records I bought in the mid 90's and the fact that quite a few of my friends listened to Samiam, it simply make no sense that I didn't have a bunch of their records. I am now doing my best to correct that oversite and there's quite a few labels reissuing Samiam records and making it easy for me.

No Idea tackled You Are Freaking Me Out, which very much carries on the major label-esque rock of Clumsy. Big slick guitars, quiet-then-loud vocals and a driving energy that just carries the whole album. I do not say major label-esque with any sort of malice in my words. 90's major labels help produce some truly great sounding records in that decade and I think Samiam really benefits from the sheen. Everything sounds bright & crisp and No Idea has done a stellar job capturing this energy on the new vinyl reissue.

I actually really lucked out getting the limited to 100 blue vinyl version. I had missed the pre-order on the No Idea website and just ended up grabbing the record from another distro while placing an order for some Record Store Day overstock. Imagine my surprise to get this in the mail. I'm not usually so fortunate when I miss a pre-order, so I'll thank my lucky stars for this one.

Samiam - Full On:

Samiam - While You Were Waiting:

Samiam - Good Enough:

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