Thursday, May 9, 2013

Record Store Day Haul #13 - Night Marchers / Mrs. Magician - Split 7" -White Vinyl

Swami (2013)

Closing up my run of records bought on Record Store Day 2013 is lucky number 13; the Night Marchers / Mrs. Magician split 7". This record is in a bit of a grey area as far as whether I should count it as a Record Store Day release. It was sent out to stores for April 20th. It wasn't listed on the Official Record Store Day list. Plus when the 2 bands went on tour a few months ago, they sold 300 copies of the split. Sadly they sold out at the show I went to, so I had to rely on the kindness of #TeamSwami to help grab me a copy (My local record stores didn't stock any copies for RSD either). So I'm going to include it in the wrap up, otherwise feel free to view this write as a transition back to non-RSD records for tomorrow.

These guys are 2 of my current favorite bands in the world. The Speedo led Night Marchers have years of goodwill stored up with me and they do not disappoint with their ripper from this 7" "La Gloria." A hook laden rocker that builds and changes in ways that only Night Marchers seem to be able to pull off. Another stellar effort.

Mrs. Magician, on the flip side, is responsible for putting out what is probably my favorite record of the past 5 years or so; Strange Heaven. Their effort, "Despicable Things," once again reaffirms my belief that they are the best thing going in rock and roll right now. Packed full of harmonies, yet slightly darker than the bulk of the songs on their LP, "Despicable Things" is just flat out great. I can't wait to hear more Mrs. Magician. They have a 7" planned on Windian later in the year , but I want more. I know there's more leftovers from their unreleased album Pity Party Animal. "Get Bent" and "Tabloids" have to come out on vinyl. Did I mention that I want more?

Mrs. Magician - Despicable Things:

(Couldn't find the NM track streaming anywhere)


  1. I am totally with you on all points. I checked out Mrs. Magician on faith from your blog and now I'm addicted. I started obtaining their discography since then and can't wait or the Windian 7". The RSD split was the one thing I wanted if I couldn't get anything else but ended up having to get it off the interwebs. Thanks for the great posts!

    1. That's awesome. They're the band I just want everyone to listen to, i can't see how anyone wouldn't love them, they deserve to be huge.