Friday, May 17, 2013

Resonars - Crummy Desert Sound LP - Blue Vinyl (150)

Burger (2013)

Over the past few years, numerous friends have pointed me to The Resonars with mixed results. I've heard individual songs that were outstanding and I've purchased whole albms that I felt were wildly inconsistent. After the band's most recent (and incredible) 7" on Trouble In Mind, I decided I'd give their next album a shot as well. That album is Crummy Desert Sound, and boy am I glad I gave this band another chance.

Crummy Desert Sound is crammed full of catchy harmonies and 60's British invation style rock and roll. It's a pretty straight forward pop record and the songs are just incredible. There are a lot of bands that have a retro vibe these days, but the Resonars sound so much more authentic. The backing vocals are head and shoulders above almost any band I can think of. This is a definite must check out, plus rumor has it that they will actually have another full length later this year on Trouble In Mind, so hopefully there will be even more greatness to enjoy sooner than later.

The first 150 copies came out on sky blue vinyl, but that is currently sold out and I am really relieved I grabbed one when I did as I'd hate to have heard this record later and realized I had to go track it down.

The Resonars - The World is Wrong:

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