Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Thermals - Desperate Ground LP - Red w/ Smoke Vinyl (/500)

Saddle Creek (2013)

The sixth and one of the best albums from a band I go way back with, The Thermals. It is no secret that I love, LOVE, the 1st 2 Thermals albums. I was just obsessed with the band and saw them play live more times than I could count. Since then their records have been a bit uneven for me. I did like Now We Can See, but I could take or leave The Body The Blood The Machine or Personal Life. I felt like they just didn't capture the energy of the first 2 records.

On Desperate Ground the energy is back. The Thermals tear through the songs on this record, with fuzz and distortion and tons of hooks. The lo fi spur of the moment sound is what always made The Thermals stand out to me and I'm just so thrilled that feeling is back on their records. If I had 1 negative thing to point out, I would say that I wish the guitar was a little louder in the mix. It get's lost in the vocals & rhythm section on a couple of songs. Despite that very minor complaint, Desperate Ground is absolutely the best Thermals album in years and I truly, truly hope that when it comes time for album 7 they keep up the fuzz.

The version of the record in the picture above is the 180g red w/ smoke color vinyl that was only sold through the Saddle Creek store and from the band on tour. They only pressed 500 on colored vinyl and from the looks of the Saddle Creek store, those are sold out. best chance to get one would probably be from the band.

The Thermals - Born To Kill

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