Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sabertooth - Morning Breath 7" - Yellow Vinyl

Debt Offensive (2013)

One if the neater things that has happened since I started up this website is the fact that I've had a people get in touch with me to say they like the site or the records I write about. It's always cool to hear that. A handful of people (4 to be exact) like this website enough to send me a copy of the record they have released. It's a side effect of this website that I never really expected, but it's still fun to get something new that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. Case in point is this Sabertooth 7" that was sent to me by Debt Offensive records.

I'd never heard of this band previously, but I am very happy I know who they are now. They play a gruff style of punk pop that probably has more in common with band's like Plow United than anyone else, though I can certainly hear some early Jawbreaker in there as well. The songs all have that ever important hook buried in there, but they also weave some dynamic guitar noise in for good measure.

According to the band's Bandcamp page they also put out a full LP a couple of years ago, but it appears to be sold out. I'm going to have to take a look around for that, if those songs are as good as what's on this 7", it will be a record worth owning.

Sabertooth - Morning Breath 7":

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